Amarok Right Storage Drawer System


VEHICLE DATE: 2011-03/2023

PRODUCT TYPE: Single Storage Drawer System

AUD$ 1,597.00 (excludes freight)

SUITS: Volkswagon Amarok 2H

Volkswagen Amarok


  • 100% Drawer extension for complete access
  • Patented “Stay-Open Block”
  • Rust resistant sealed bearings with Nylon rollers
  • Internal LED Light Strip
  • Safe and secure lock system
  • Dust resistant seal
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Removable wing and face panels


  • Complete wing kits
  • Cargo Barrier mounting points
  • Child restraint points
  • MSA 4X4’s Lifetime Guarantee

Designed from the ground up, the way a quality 4WD storage system should be.

Sick of shoving everything loosely in the back of a vehicle? Why not get organised with an MSA 4X4 Storage Drawer System.

MSA 4X4’s Storage Drawer Systems are designed with a patented slide technology Now fitted with fully sealed, stainless steel bearings with Nylon rollers as standard. Offering a quieter, smoother operation under heavy loads and saving up to 3kg per Drawer Module. The entire drawer extends further from the frame, allowing 100% access to the drawers. No more hard-to-reach items at the back! MSA 4X4’s Storage Drawer Systems are constructed from aluminium and have anodised aluminium components. Super-strong, lightweight and comes with stainless steel fasteners used throughout for a rust-free, corrosion resistance lifetime of use.

The patented “Stay-Open Block” allows the drawer to remain in an open position even on a 30-degree slope. They also feature an LED Light Strip that activates at full extension and has a manual override switch. A 100% safe and secure lock system that can not be levered open from underneath, is an exceptional security measure. Dust resistant seals around front panels ensure all the items stored inside stay clean and dust free. Flush-fitting wing kits are available for most 4WDs and utes, creating additional storage space between the Storage Drawer System and the inner sides of the car. Access to the space is gained through removing the wing and face panels. The reinforced wing kit brackets provide a fully supported base for fridge slides to be mounted onto the wing panels, allowing for more placement options.

The impact force of an unsecured item, within a vehicle during an accident, can be twenty to thirty times its static weight. Therefore greatly increasing the potential of occupant injuries. MSA 4X4’s Storage Drawer Systems, and the attachments that come with them (cargo barrier mount points and child restraint points), have been crash-tested and are fully ADR compliant. Tested to ADR3/02, ADR34/01 and ADR42 and passed all the requirements prescribed by the ADRs and AS/NZS, without any structural weaknesses or degradation of the system.

  • Right Drawer Module
  • Right Fit Kit (includes floor extension)
  • Right Wing Kit
  • Simgle Width Trim
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS +10mm for rear anchor bolts
  • Overall drawer length = 1365mm (including handle lock)
  • Overall drawer height = 275mm
  • Overall single drawer width = 530mm (no wings)
  • Usable drawer height = 215mm (upto under side of the top deck)
  • Drawer height = 211mm
  • Internal drawer length = 1250mm
  • Internal drawer width = 453mm


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