Explorer Storage Bag Large


PRODUCT TYPE: Lifestyle Products

AUD$ 120.00 (excludes freight)

SUITS: All MSA 4X4 Storage Drawers

Volume: 24 Litres - Measurements: 42(W) x 35(L) x 18(H) - Dividers: 1/2, 1/4 & 1/8

  • 3 different sizes are available
  • Spill and water-resistant storage bag (Hypalon exterior, PVC interior)
  • Chunky zipper
  • MSA 4X4 branded zip pulls
  • Top carrying handle
  • Grab handles on each end
  • 4 x clear label pockets & 4 x double sided blank labels
  • 3 sizes of bag dividers with Velcro folded ends (1/2, 1/4 & 1/8)
  • Mesh pocket on the full height, 1/2 bag divider
  • Velcro strip around the inside of the bags
  • Mesh pocket on the inside of the lid
  • Lid and sides reinforced with high-density 4mm EVA foam
  • Fits all MSA 4X4 drawers modules

Fitting In Has Never Been Easier

MSA 4X4 has reimagined how to organise essential camping and travelling items within a vehicle storage drawer module. The Explorer Storage Bags offer endless possibilities to organise and secure these items and are designed to perfectly fit within a MSA 4X4 Storage Drawer Module.

Available in 3 sizes. Made from spill and water-resistant, high-quality, durable, satin black, Hypalon exterior and matching grey, sturdy PVC interior, reinforced with high-density 4mm EVA foam sides and lid. Secured with a chunky nylon zip, incorporating MSA 4X4 branded zip pulls. A sturdy top carry handle and grab handles at each end, provide comfortable means to maneuver the bags with heavier items inside. The four clear pockets on the lid, combined with the supplied blank labels, allow for a highly visible labelling solution for the bag contents.

Each bag comes with at least two bag dividers, creating multiple segmenting options. The Velcro covered folded ends, easily attach to the Velcro strip running around the inside of the bags. A mesh pocket appears on the full height, 1/2 bag divider, providing an additional storage option.

Whether buying as a one-off or in combinations of sizes, the MSA 4X4 Explorer Storage Bags all fit snuggly together within a MSA 4X4 Storage Drawer System. When stored away in to the drawers, the bag contents are easily accessible via the top positioned zip.

NOTE: Do NOT overfill the Explorer Storage Bags as damage may occur to the lid, zip and/or carry handle while opening and closing the MSA 4X4 Storage Drawer Modules.


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