Battery Box Large



AUD$ 295.00 (excludes freight)

SUITS: MSA Storage Drawer Systems

Safe and secure protective box for an auxiliary battery.

The MSA 4X4 Battery Box is a safe, secure and versatile solution for adding an auxiliary power supply to a vehicle.

The neat and compact design makes a perfect addition to an MSA 4X4 Storage Drawer System. It can be positioned out of sight under side wing kits yet still easily accessible or fitted universally inside a trade canopy. Available in two sizes, Large to fit standard N70, AGM or Lithium batteries and Slimline for smaller Lithium batteries.

The mounting Plate is designed to attach to the drawers with Backing Plates for adjustable positioning of the Battery Box, gaining support from the drawer and alleviating the need to drill through the floor of the tray.
An insulated Lid prevents any issues that could arise from exposed Battery terminals. Both ends of the Battery Box have Protective foam insert panels, with entry and exit points for wiring to the battery.
Adjustable Plastic dipped Securing Saddles bolt down from the top to hold the battery in place. A secure mounting plate is supplied and can be installed at either end. Perfect for mounting a Compressor, BC/DC charger or Fuse box.


  • 2mm powder-coated steel construction
  • Height Adjustable mounting Plate
  • Protective foam insert panels,
  • 2x Battery Securing Saddles offering a solid and secure fit
  • Insulated Rubber Lid
  • Compressor, BC/DC charger, or fuse box Mounting plate


  • MSA 4X4’s Lifetime Guarantee
Weight 11kg
External Dimensions 354* x 252 x 244
(*Add 14mm for Compressor Plate)
Internal Dimensions 330 x 244 x 194
(all measurements displayed are in mm)


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