4x4 Rear Wheel Bags & Bins

  • Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin

    Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin

    $129.00 AUD (excludes freight)

    In stock

    Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin is the original and the best. This is the perfect rear wheel accessory to free up storage space inside the vehicle and keep the mess outside! The Rear Wheel Bin is tough enough to withstand heavy weather conditions, as well as the harsh areas of the Australian environment.

    Part Number: RWRS
    60cm (H) x 39cm (L) x 16cm (W)

  • Rear Wheel Bag by MSA 4X4 Accessories 4WD equipment

    Rear Wheel Bag

    $159.00 AUD (excludes freight)

    In stock

    MSA 4X4’s Rear Wheel Bag is a great way to increase storage opportunities while saving space inside the vehicle! This versatile 55L bag is manufactured from extremely heavy duty Oxford Nylon.

    Part Number: RWB
    60cm (H) x 49cm (L) x 19cm (W)