straight slide fridge barriers

Added protection and storage for your straight fridge slide Our Fridge Barriers offer an added layer of protection for your fridge. They’re made of gloss black powder-coated steel frames. They also come with a storage pocket to store smaller items that could get lost in the back of your vehicle, such as utensils, bottle openers and more. Our Fridge Barriers are super easy to install and come with our MSA 4x4 lifetime guarantee. The perfect fit for MSA 4X4 straight fridge slides MSA 4x4 Fridge Barriers are designed to be used alongside our Straight Slide Range. Each Fridge Barrier will fit our Straight Slide models, the SL40, SL45, SL50, SL60 and the SL95.

Maximise Your  Storage Area With Our Fridge Barrier Range!

Store your accessories safely and securely around the Fridge
Barrier and at the same time, protect your fridge from any
loose gear! No more unpacking the car to access your fridge!

The MSA 4×4 Fridge Barrier makes accessing your fridge effortless. You no longer have to unpack your car to get to your fridge. Driving off-road can cause items to fly around in the back of your vehicle. Our Fridge Slide will protect your fridge from any dints or scratches.