side drop slide fridge barriers

The MSA 4X4 Fridge Barrier will help maximise your storage while also protecting your fridge from loose gear. Items flying around in the back can scratch or dent your fridge. MSA 4X4  has designed our Fridge Barriers with the smallest possible footprint to give you optimum storage spac

Fridge Barriers –  Side Drop SlidesTM

Our Fridge Barriers are designed to make accessing a fridge so much easier, separating the fridge from  loose gear in the back of the vehicle. The Fridge Barrier will also protect the fridge from any scratches and dints from items rummaging around whilst driving.


Fridge Barriers to fit every model of our MSA4×4 drop-down fridge slide
All Fridge Barriers are designed to be used alongside the MSA 4X4 Drop SlideTM. There are Fridge Barriers to fit each Drop SlideTM model, the DS40, DS45, DS50, DS60 and the DS95, DS40SIDE, DS45SIDE, DS50SIDE, DS60SIDE.