fridge barriers

MSA will help maximise your storage while also protecting your fridge from loose gear in the back of your vehicle. MSA 4X4 has designed our Fridge Barriers with the smallest possible footprint to give you optimum storage space.

Fridge Barriers – Drop SlidesTM

Our Fridge Barriers are designed to make accessing a fridge so much easier, separating the fridge from  loose gear in the back of the vehicle. The Fridge Barrier will also protect the fridge from any scratches and dints from items rummaging around whilst driving.


Fridge Barriers to fit every model of our MSA4×4 drop-down fridge slide
All Fridge Barriers are designed to be used alongside the MSA 4X4 Drop SlideTM. Each Fridge Barrier Will fit all Drop SlideTM models, the DS40, DS45, DS50, DS60 and the DS95.

Fridge Barriers – Straight Slides

The MSA 4X4 Fridge Barrier is designed to make accessing your fridge effortless. When driving off-road items  seem to fly around in the back of the vehicle the MSA 4X4 Fridge Barrier will protect your fridge from any dints or scratches.

The perfect fit for MSA 4X4 straight fridge slides

MSA 4X4 Fridge Barriers are designed to be used alongside the MSA 4X4 Straight Slide Range. Each Fridge Barrier will fit each Straight Slide models, the SL40, SL45, SL50, SL60 and the SL95.

Added protection and storage for your straight fridge slide

The MSA 4X4 Fridge Barriers offer an added layer of protection to the fridge, they’re made of gloss black powder-coated steel frames. They also come with a storage pocket for you to smaller items that could get lost in the back of your vehicle such as utensils, bottle openers and more. The MSA 4X4  Fridge Barriers are super easy to install and come with  lifetime guarantee.