The MSA 4x4 range of barriers are tough, durable, eye-catching and deliver protection of valuable items where needed the most. Included in the range are the space saving Fridge Barriers and the ADR compliant, crash tested Cargo Barriers.

Maximise Vehicle Storage Space with a MSA 4×4 Fridge Barrier

The MSA 4×4 Fridge Barrier range are tough, durable, eye-catching and delivers the perfect solution for protecting a fridge from any loose gear packed around it.

The MSA 4×4 range of Fridge Barriers are designed to fit perfectly around the complete range of MSA 4×4 Drop Slides™ and Straight Slides.

Maximise Vehicle Occupants’ Safety with a MSA 4×4 Cargo Barrier

The MSA 4×4 Cargo Barriers have undergone extensive testing and have complied with the ADR Crash Test Standard: AS/NZS 4034.2:2008 and include an Emergency Escape Hammer.

Designed to safely attach to the rear of an MSA 4×4 Storage Drawer System, utilising the Cargo Barrier mounting points and child restraint points incorporated into the drawer frame.