Bags & Organisers

  • 4WD Gear Bags and Barrier Bag

    4WD Gear Bags and Barrier Bag (5)

    MSA 4X4’s range of bags for 4WDs are perfect for protecting and organizing your gear, freeing up space in your vehicle and making small bits and pieces easier to find.

    MSA 4X4 Barrier Bags

    Our large barrier bags and small barrier bags are made of heavy-duty canvas and attach to a cargo barrier in your vehicle. They feature 4 velcro straps on the rear and 2 velcro strips on the front for maximum stability and security. Our large barrier bags are 23cm x 26cmx 14cm, while our small barrier bags are 23cm x 26cm x 7cm.

    MSA 4X4 Gear Bags

    Our range of 4WD gear bags include the MSA 4x4 Small 4WD Gear Bag and Tradie Gear Canvas Bag. They’re made of super durable material and are designed to protect and store a wide variety of gear, from jumper cables and snatch straps, to heavier tools and machinery.

    MSA 4X4 Generator Bag

    Our Small Generator Bag is a full padded, heavy-duty canvas bag designed to protect your vehicle and your generator. It suits most 1KVA generators and offers 6mm shock insulation. The rubber carry handles make it super convenient to transport your generator.
  • 4WD dash organisers and seat organisers

    4WD dash organisers and seat organisers (14)

    MSA 4X4’s 4WD organisers are a great way to store your tools so that you can access them easily while on the road. Our range of seat and dash organisers and versatile, allowing for an extensive range of storage possibilities We have two different seat organisers, including one with a drop-down table that can hold laptops and tablets. It’s perfect for working on the go, or keeping the kids entertained during long road trips. Both seat organisers come with 12 pockets of varying sizes to store gear of all shapes and sizes.

    MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser

    The MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser is a unique product allowing fast access to your gear from the driver’s or passenger’s seats. Simply attach the velcro strips to your dash mat or use the provided adhesive tape to attach it directly to your dash. The internal aluminum strip also means you can change the shape of the organiser to fit your needs. Includes 5 small pockets and 1 large pocket.