Air Lumbar Support Systems

Choose from our range of 4WD Air Lumbar Support Systems to transform your driving experience. Our Air Lumbar Support Systems provide added comfort and support for your back and can help alleviate back pain while driving.

Get your 4×4 Air Lumbar Support System online today!

MSA 4X4’s Air Lumbar Support System comes in two seat cover variations – canvas and sheepskin. Our patented design provides adjustable support for your back, and comes with x1 air inflated bladder insert, with capacity to hold up to 4 bladder inserts. It’s easy to install and can be transferred from one vehicle to another with ease. 

We also stock Tradie Gear’s Air Lumbar Support System. It’s fully adjustable and comes with x1 air inflated bladder insert, with the capacity to hold 4 internal bladders to support multiple sections of your spine.

Need more support? Get additional bladder inserts for your 4wd Air Lumbar Support System.

Additional bladder inserts can be ordered separately. Our MSA 4×4 Air Lumbar Insert can be used with the MSA 4×4 Canvas and Sheepskin Air Lumbar Support Systems. It can be inflated as much or as little as you want and is easily installed with Velcro strips to keep it in place.