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How to use an MSA 4X4 Fridge Drop Slide

One of MSA 4X4’s most popular products, is our Patented Fridge Drop Slide! Whilst there are multiple variations on how to use our Drop Slide, we thought we’d demonstrate how its designed to be used.

Firstly, unlock the slide by placing the key in the lock and unlocking it, and then turning the lock handle anti-clockwise.








Unclip the handle and push it all the way down, being mindful to always keep downward pressure on the handle.


Press down on the blue lock release lever and place slight downward pressure on the handle, while pulling the slide cradle out forwards. Do not release downward pressure. Once the tray is moving, you can release the blue lock release lever.

When the slide is at full extension and in the “locked out” position, slowly release your downward pressure off the handle, allowing the slide platform to lower.


While this is happening, the handle will start to raise.


The slide platform will lower as far as the bump stops, or in most cases, just above the tailgate.

Your Drop Slide is now completely in the lowered position and its handle can be folded to the rear for easy opening of the fridge lid.


To raise the slide tray, reach up to the handle and pull down towards the front with both hands.



Pull down until the handle stops.

Ensure the keyed travel lock is in the unlocked vertical position whilst this is happening.

While maintaining downward pressure on the handle, push down the blue lock release lever, and start pushing the fridge tray back into your vehicle.

Again, once it has started to slide back in, you can release the blue lock release button on the side.

Once the slide platform clicks back into its stowed position, where the slide stops, fold the handle up and push it into its retaining clips to secure it for transport.

It is recommended that the lock on the slide is key locked while in transit.


If you have any questions or would like further assistance using your Drop Slide, please contact our friendly team on 07 5594 6664!

Things you should never do in a 4WD

We all have one crazy thing in common in the Offroad world, we have an attachment to our vehicles not shared by our workmates with Camrys or Falcons. We see our 4wd, whatever the brand, and whatever the level of modification as more than just a way to get to work but also, and more importantly, our way to escape - to escape to a quiet countryside setting, the beach, or an epic adventure that you will be talking about for years. 

There are so many amazing, awesome, memorable and unique things that you can do in your 4wd that the list of practices to steer away from is, by comparison, very small - however, here’s a list compiled by our friends at The Australian Offroad Academy.

Don’t be a Dick.

It’s not cool to use the size of your vehicle to try to intimidate other road users. We all, from the smallest i20 to a laden B Double, need to share the limited and valuable road resources available. Expressing some kind of ‘ownership’ due to your bullbar or impressive size doesn’t help to win friends amongst our car driving friends, they’ve already, clearly got their own problems to sort out, don’t add to them!

Rolling Coal

Really? How is this even a thing? Have you not seen or heard anything about this little thing called particulate pollution. There are millions of people who would love to live in the clean air conditions that we take for granted… Adjust that fuel pump waaaay back and leave the soot for chimneys.

Tyre Poke

Yeah, it’s illegal, and it’s illegal because it’s dangerous… uncovered tyres create ridiculous spray in wet conditions and throw rocks and stones a long way, in any direction. Not only are you throwing rocks at your own car but your tyres are picking up debris and potentially throwing it forward into the path of oncoming traffic at potentially greater than your ground speed. Of all of the ways that we modify our 4x4s, this one is definitely in the ‘for show, not go’ bucket.

Drive in wetlands

We all understand that there are places reserved for the long term good of an ecosystem. In some locations there’s signs too big to ignore, in other locations we need a bit of situational awareness - remember that it is the driver’s responsibility to understand the tenure of the land that they are on - “there was no sign” is not an acceptable excuse for being somewhere that you shouldn’t have been. Wetland systems begin at the line of the highest of high tides in creeks and estuaries. There are some tell-tale plants which are a giveaway, but the presence of salt tolerant couch should tell you that you are already too far in. Wetland systems are delicate and their damage through isolation of species leads to a breakdown of the ecosystem. No wetlands = no breeding areas for fish = no fishing.

While we are discussing coastal environments;

Drive on Dunes.

Frontal and secondary dunes on our accessible beaches are a critical part of keeping our beach systems thriving. Creating new tracks through dunes creates a vulnerability which can see the dune system compromised and undermined in adverse weather conditions. A healthy dune system has almost complete coverage of hardy, salt tolerant, pioneer plant species and will support larger trees and shrubs. We’ve all found that perfect camp spot behind the dunes on the beach sometime in our adventures, without the plant species, there’s no dune, and nowhere to camp.

There’s a pattern here isn’t there??

We are so fortunate to live in a country which has wide open spaces within just a short drive of even our most populated centres… But there are so many more people now, and so many more people with 4x4s looking to enjoy it. Now, more than ever, we need to understand that as 4x4ers we have certain responsibilities. We understand the need for Bullbars, but the bloke in the Camry that you tailgated doesn’t. We get how important it is to make good tyre choices, but the guy whose windscreen you just smashed doesn’t. No-one understands the desire to produce soot - that’s just weird.

If you’d like to take your grandkids fishing, or beach camping then we have the responsibility now, not later, to do everything that we can to preserve, and even enhance, our coastal and estuary locations.

Article written by The Australian Offroad Academy.

The Australian Offroad Academy has been offering accredited and recreational 4x4, side by side and quad bike training around Australia for 13 years. Dave, the Director, is a registered teacher with specialities in outdoor and environmental education and brings minimum impact driving practices to all terrain types. In recent times, you may have seen Dave on episodes of What’s Up Downunder, Great Australian Doorstep, The Offroad Adventure Show and Creek to Coast, in QLD. The Australian Offroad Academy builds and conducts education 4x4 demo tracks at Caravan and Camping shows throughout regional Queensland and interstate.

Tips to pack smart and maximise space in your vehicle

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Use your roof!
Your vehicle’s roof provides additional storage opportunities for light, bulky items as well as awkward shaped items. MSA 4X4’s Tourer & Basket Packs are a great way to extend the storage capacity of your vehicle and allow you to store your items safely and easily, whilst keeping everything secure from the weather. Ensure that any rooftop storage is tied down securely and safely. Read your vehicle’s manual to confirm how much weight can be carried on your roof.

Rear Wheel Storage
Use Rear Wheel Rubbish Bins for the smelly stuff and Rear Wheel Bags for the wet or dirty gear to be securely stored on the outside of the vehicle!

Pack for easy access
Pack everything for quick, easy access on the road so that you don’t have to pull over to dig around the boot or in overflowing bags! Keep accessories close at hand with an MSA 4X4 Seat Organiser. Designed to be easily attached and removed in seconds and with an aluminium internal frame that prevents sagging, even when full, the seat organiser offers endless storage that can really help to keep the items that you and the kids need for the trip within easy reach.

Place things that you need for the drive, such as wallets, chargers, iPods, mobiles and lip balm in an MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser. It keeps everything you use, when sitting in the driver or passenger seat, close at hand and easy to access, right in front of you!

Replace boxes with bags and canvas organisers
Bags and soft organisers can fit inside small spaces and conform more to the shape of your space than boxes will. Boxes are bulky, take up space and aren’t flexible.

Heavy items
Pack heavy, bulky items low and ensure that they are properly secured so that they are less likely to become lethal projectiles in the event of an accident or sudden braking. Weighty items such as jerry cans and tools should ideally be stored as close to the floor as possible and as close to the rear axle as possible.  Load the large, heavy items into the vehicle first which will make it easier to fit the lighter gear around it.

Secure loose items
Ensure that all items are properly secured as loose items can become projectiles in the event of an accident or sudden braking. Tie down points are available in many vehicles for this reason. Where feasible, consider investing in a cargo barrier.

Rear Storage Solutions
Where feasible, consider installing a rear drawer system into your vehicle. Not only does it make packing your vehicle easier and more efficient, but it also makes it easier to access items in your drawers without having to dig through a massive pile of belongings to get to something you need underneath.

Flush fitting removable wing kits in our MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer Systems are designed to clip or bolt in, allowing access to storage areas beside the drawers! This is great for customers who want to store items such as their second battery or compressor in that available space. If a customer has a Fridge Drop Slide or other item hard mounted onto the wing kit, access under the drawer wings are also possible due to the unique removable front facing wing panels. Floor extensions are included as standard with Dual Cab Ute wing kits which are the wing pieces behind the drawers to create a full flat surface at the back of the tray, preventing items from falling behind the drawers.

Pack in such a way that the driver’s vision isn’t compromised and he/she can see out all windows easily. Visibility will allow the driver to get you to your destination safely!

Don’t overload your vehicle
Understand your vehicle’s GVM. Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum weight that a vehicle can carry including its own weight, and is crucial to the safe and efficient operation of a vehicle.

Items on your roof will increase the height of your vehicle, and more weight high on your vehicle, the higher your vehicle’s centre of gravity. This higher centre of gravity may impact on handling/manouverability of your vehicle.

We hope these tips will go some way towards helping you to maximise space when packing your vehicle for your next trip!

MSA 4X4 Wins Patent Infringement Prosecution on Drop Slides

Shane Miles, owner of MSA 4X4 Accessories, invented the first drop down fridge slide in 2007 and was awarded a patent in Australia and internationally.

Due to the large scale popularity and commercial interest in Mr Miles’ product, he has had to attribute a significant amount of time and money to defending his design from cheap imitations of his product.

Most notably in March of 2016, Glynton Chislett of Australian Ute Trays and Bodies Pty Ltd, began to sell a copy of Mr Miles’ drop slide that was in breach of his patent.

When challenged, Mr Chislett gave undertakings to stop selling the infringing product.

Less than 12 months later Mr Chislett again started selling the infringing product under a new company name.

Mr Miles said:

“After having given undertakings to stop infringing my patent, Mr Chislett flagrantly commenced selling a cheap imitation of my product forcing me to commence legal proceedings against him and some of his companies.”

On 21 August 2017 the Federal Court of Australia ordered that Mr Chislett and his companies, Isipinqo Investments Pty Ltd and DC & GC Investments Pty Ltd, infringed on MSA 4X4’s drop slide patent by manufacturing and importing an imitation of Mr Miles’ product into Australia and were in breach of Mr Miles’ exclusive rights to the drop slide’s design.

MSA 4X4 is a long standing Australian company who are extremely passionate about providing innovative and quality four-wheel-drive products.

Mr Miles says “Our drop slides are engineered to perform at the highest level and are supported by a Lifetime Guarantee,”

“It’s disgraceful to see the livelihood of small Aussie businesses being ripped off by patent infringers.

It seems to be an industry trend now that these companies come along and think they can steal the hard-earned designs and ideas of other companies who have put in the extensive time and money to develop new and innovative products.

We have 14 original designs now, many that have been ripped off by other companies because we didn’t understand the patent process when we invented them. What’s even worse is that some of these companies even go as far as to claim them as their own designs.”

Mr Miles explains that it can take him up to three years to finalise a new product design and have it launched in to the market. It can therefore take a significant amount of time to recoup that initial investment.

Mr Miles says “It would be hard to continue to spend money on innovating new products when companies who behave like vultures and scavenge on other people’s product ideas, are waiting in the sidelines to send it to a cheap Chinese factory to have it copied with inferior materials” .

Unfortunately, while the law is on the side of Mr Miles, MSA 4X4 must still go through the expensive and time consuming process of going through the courts to have imitations of his product removed and claim money lost.

One would have to question the ethics behind selling copies of original products, but until there’s naming and shaming of these infringing companies, it will never get better.

This is a big win for the true R&D companies in the Australian four-wheel-drive and auto industry that register their intellectual property and have the right to enforce them.


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Travelling with Pets

Our furry friends are part of the family and more and more holiday makers are opting to take their 4-legged friends along for the ride. Even your furry friend needs a holiday every now and again!

There are some measures that can be taken to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of your 4-legged friend, as well as other holiday makers in the area.



Be Prepared!

  • Its advisable to ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated before leaving on your holiday in case they meet any unvaccinated animals.
  • Ensure that all tick treatments and worming tablets are up to date
  • Ask your Vet about the areas that you are planning on visiting to understand if there are any potential health risks for your pet, that you may not be used to. For example, Cane Toads, Paralysis Ticks etc
  • Always have an ID tag of some sort on your pet. Micro-chipping is always recommended, but depending on where you are travelling, it can take days for someone to get to a vet within opening hours to scan your pet. A tag on your pet’s collar with your up to date phone number is a more immediate way of being reunited with your beloved pet. Ensure your pet’s microchip details are also up to date.
  • Get a vet check-up to ensure that your pets’ health and fitness is in good condition before you leave.
  • Stock up with any necessary medications that you pet requires.
  • Make a list of all vets on the way to your destination, as well as at your destination, in case your pet becomes unwell, or in case of an emergency.
  • Keep records of all your pet’s vaccinations and treatments as some accommodation providers will request this information.
  • Join relevant Facebook Groups and online communities as they can be an invaluable resource of information and support before and during your travels. Once such Facebook group is “Australian Caravanning / Camping Travelling with Dogs”.

Pack everything!

  • Taking his bed and some favourite toys with you will provide familiarity in new surroundings
  • Sunscreen (remember to apply to his nose, ears and belly!)
  • Fresh water & something for him to drink out of
  • A supply of his usual dog food to keep his digestive system happy. A road trip isn’t the greatest time to be introducing new food to your dog.
  • His usual food & water bowls
  • Poop bags to clean up after potty breaks!
  • Leashes and harnesses
  • Crates / barriers / and/or temporary fencing
  • First Aid Kit and information on the possible creatures and insects that your pet may meet, so that you can remain calm in an emergency situation
  • Blanket for him to lie on and a towel to dry him off if he’s been swimming!
  • Something to provide shade from the hot sun

Stay Alert!

  • Be prepared for anything to happen.
  • Even if you’re confident that your dog will respond to training cues like “come” and “stay”, someone else’s dog can still be a threat to yours and its recommended to keep yours on a leash for their own safety.
  • Remain vigilant of other dogs in the area, young children, broken glass etc in the area that may cause harm to your dog.
  • If you’re at the beach, look out for Lifeguard flags warning of marine pests such as jellyfish, or rough surf conditions and riptides.
  • Take regular hydration breaks in the shade with your furry friend and keep a regular eye out for any potential signs of overheating.

Maintain Control and Remain Aware

  • Maintain control of your dog at all times. Keeping them on a lead at all times is recommended for their safety as well as for the safety and general well-being of other families, pets, and wildlife.
  • Be aware if your furry friend is making unreasonable noise, especially at night when others may be trying to sleep.
  • Ensure that your dog isn’t annoying others in the area. Not everyone is a dog person!
  • Always pick up and dispose of droppings. Don’t allow a few irresponsible pet owners to spoil things for the majority. If you enjoy being able to take your pet to caravan parks, ensuring that you clean up after your pet will keep dog-friendly caravan parks available into the future.
  • No pets are allowed in National Parks.
  • Be wary of snakes, ticks, kangaroos & livestock. Livestock & kangaroos can injure or kill your pet when kicking in self-defence. Keeping your pet on a lead will help keep them close to you and safe from danger.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog to ensure that he’s safe and happy.

What not to do

Too many dogs are still left to die painfully every year from being left in a hot car. Do not leave your animals or children in the car – especially not in summer.

Racy Face 

As much as our furry friends look cute wearing their “racy face” out the window, the rush of air is apparently harmful along with the risk of objects flying up and injuring them.


Whilst these tips won’t guarantee a perfect holiday, we hope that it will go some way to reducing potential stress points and providing you and your 4-legged pets, a wonderful holiday!


Related Products:

MSA 4X4’s Canvas Seat Covers – 100% Dog Proof, Waterproof, Dirt Proof, & Kid Proof!

MSA 4X4’s Rear Wheel Bags & Bins – Enjoy your holiday without worrying about where you’ll need to store the wet clothes & wet or dirty towels in the car afterwards!

MSA 4X4's Half Pack Rooftop Bag! Manufactured from 15oz canvas, our Half Pack is the perfect size (50cm W x 140cm L x 30cm H) to fit on your roof rack whilst still allowing plenty of room for your tent and other items to be secured next to it! The MSA 4X4 Half Pack is easy to use with a fully attached seat belt harness system and YKK chunky zip with double metal sliders on 3 sides. Simply open the back of the pack to put your bulky items such as dog beds, blankets, swags etc in, push them forward, zip it up and you're off!

Australia’s Best 4WD Drawer System!

Designed from the ground up to establish the way a quality 4WD system should be, the MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System delivers many more features than any other 4WD Drawer system in the market today!
We've re-set the benchmark in quality 4WD Drawer Systems from a safety, functionality and quality perspective.

Features include;

  • 100% aluminium construction with anodised aluminium components means that our drawers are super strong, lightweight and have a lifetime corrosion resistance. This also means that our drawers are lighter than many generic steel drawers in the market – a very important feature as the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum weight that a vehicle can carry including its own weight) is crucial to the safe and efficient operation of a vehicle.
  • The patented “stay-open block” in our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System allows the drawer to remain in an open position, even on a 30-degree slope! This is another important safety feature which prevents a fully loaded, open drawer from unexpectedly slamming shut whilst still in use. This “stay-open block” also doubles as two electrical contacts, that when the drawer is open, create an electrical circuit without any moving wires to power the included LED strip light. The patented internal LED strip light delivers increased practicality, complete with manual override switch conveniently located in the drawer face.
  • The patented “Pro-Glide” system of our MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System utilises the side of the drawers and the frame as the actual slide unit, which means that no usable storage space inside the drawers are lost to traditional side slide runners. The over extension using custom sealed bearings, removes the need for additional slide components, maximising storage space. More internal drawer space is achieved with equivalent external frame dimensions of other drawers. Flush finish internal drawer sides provide greater storage practicality without any internal folds to hinder how larger items are placed inside the drawers or removed from the drawers.
  • Flush fitting removable wing kits in our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer Systems are designed to clip or bolt in, allowing access to storage areas beside the drawers! This is great for customers who want to store items such as their second battery or compressor in that available space. If a customer has a Fridge Drop Slide or other item hard mounted onto the wing kit, access under the drawer wings are also possible due to the unique removable front facing wing panels. Floor extensions are included as standard with Dual Cab Ute wing kits which are the wing pieces behind the drawers to create a full flat surface at the back of the tray, preventing items from falling behind the drawers.






  • Our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System's injection moulded design-registered lock system with purpose built injection-moulded frame & aluminium components help deliver a 100% safe and secure lock system that cannot be levered open from underneath (unlike other drawers), providing safe storage. An anodised knurled aluminium handle has been designed for comfort & practicality.
  • A dust & water resistant designed seal around the front panel resists ingress, making our drawers the perfect storage solution for road trips through the red dust centre of Australia. Stainless steel fasteners are also used throughout where possible for a rust free and problem free life!
  • Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer Systems are available in 3 different lengths to suit popular wagons and dual cab utes. The 930 drawer system is 945mm long (overall complete drawer length including handle lock) and suits vehicles such as the Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner, 150 Series Prado, 120 Series Prado and 76 Series Wagons. The 1030 drawer system is 1045mm long (overall complete drawer length including handle lock) and suits vehicles such as the 200 Series & 100 Series Land Cruisers. The 1350 drawer system is 1365mm long (overall complete drawer length including handle lock) and suits most dual cab utes!
  • We recommend that any tub liners are removed before installing our drawer system as the tub liners do not follow the contours of the tub precisely enough and won’t result in an ideal fit.

Whilst every detail has been taken into account and engineered specifically to deliver the best and most reliable 4WD Storage Drawer System available in the market, MSA 4X4’s Lifetime Guarantee ensures that all Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System customers have the peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong, that they’d be looked after.

Contact your local MSA 4X4 Stockist for more information on our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System for your vehicle today!

Click here to view available drawer models

Safe Water Crossing Tips

No two water crossings are ever the same and each crossing should be treated with caution. Below are some tips to help make sure your next water crossing is safer and that you’re not left with a water damaged vehicle, or worse.

Before leaving home:

  • Ensure that your recovery kit is in good condition and contains enough recovery gear.
  • Some factory snorkels are not sealed and therefore not advertised as waterproof. For example, the N80 Hilux Toyota snorkel is advertised to provide cleaner air to the vehicle’s engine in dusty environments whilst preserving optimal air flow and engine temperature. Some aftermarket snorkels also advertise that they help ensure that water doesn’t enter your vehicle’s airbox or engine during water crossings. Remember that a snorkel doesn’t mean that your vehicle now has the capability of a submarine!
  • The MSA 4X4 Water Bra is designed to prevent expensive damage to vehicle engines and electronics whilst crossing water or mud and can be considered as cheap insurance for when you do need it.
  • Know your vehicle’s maximum wading depth – This can be found in the owner’s manual.
  • Identify where the vehicle’s computer modules are. Some aren’t sealed and can be positioned behind the headlights or under the seats which don’t bode well for a water crossing… but if you do still need to cross, then the less water entering the engine bay, the better.

Prior to Crossing

  • Its always a good idea if you’ve been travelling a distance beforehand to allow the engine to cool down prior to entering the water.
  • If its flooded forget it. Wait it out until the water starts to recede and conditions are safer to cross or find an alternate route around. Its just not worth the risk to cross floodwaters.
  • If possible, always walk the crossing before driving it to check the depth and flow of water – if you are struggling to walk it then you will have the same issues driving it. Obviously if there’s a likelihood of crocodiles in the water, walking it first isn’t a solid idea, but if you are walking it, check for the shallowest areas, drop offs and potential submerged obstacles such as stumps!
  • Find the easiest entry and exit points possible, avoiding steep exits. Take into account how strongly the water is flowing and what impact this may have on getting to your exit point.
  • Have a recovery plan in case you get stuck.
  • Have your recovery gear connected to the front (and potentially the rear) of your vehicle and securely held in place (ensure that it doesn’t get caught in your wheels). Time is of the essence if you get stuck and its not easy to attach a strap to a recovery point that is under water! MSA 4X4’s Water Bra includes a front pocket to store your strap for quick and easy access if you need it.
  • Make sure the Water Bra is secured into position so that it doesn’t get washed away or caught on your wheels. The MSA 4X4 Water Bra conforms to any vehicle shape and size, and features a 10 second ''Quick-fit'' design. The Straps loop over the mirrors to keep it secure. No vehicle damaging ocky straps or tarps needed and no risk of injury! Drainage holes release water after the crossing.

  • Ensure that bystanders are out of the path of the vehicle, out of harm’s way and away from those who will be assisting with a possible recovery.
  • Having another vehicle ready to assist on the other side of the crossing is always recommended.

During the Crossing

  • Select the correct gear that gives you plenty of torque whilst still allowing you to get up to “speed” to create a bow wave. This is particularly important if you are in a manual, as you don’t want to be changing gears whilst crossing.
  • Enter the water at a steady pace and maintain this pace which achieves a slight bow wave in front of the vehicle and doesn’t have water gushing over the top of the bonnet. Even with a snorkel installed, when driving through deep water it’s important to create a bow wave to prevent the water being forced horizontally through the vehicle's grill at pressure. This pressure may result in the water being ''grabbed'' by the spinning engine fan and the fan then being pulled through the radiator, leaving you with a hole in your radiator as well as your wallet!
  • Avoid slowing down enough for the wake behind your vehicle to catch up and lift up the back of the vehicle.

After the Crossing

  • Once on the other side, stop and let the water drain away from the vehicle before driving off.
  • Remove the Water Bra to prevent it from blocking air-flow to the radiator and pack away any recovery gear.
  • Reinflate tyres to a suitable pressure to continue your trip
  • Pump your brake pedal a few times to dry your brakes out before you leave.

These tips certainly don’t guarantee a safe water crossing, but they will help. Good luck and safe travels!

All MSA 4X4 products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are available from all good 4x4 outlets. At RRP $149, the MSA 4X4 Water Bra is cheap insurance and pays for itself after its first use.

Click here for more information on the MSA 4X4 Water Bra.

On the road again… Preparing for your next road trip

As school holidays approach, many Aussie families will be packing up and heading on a road trip with the promise of relaxation, family fun and amazing memories whilst exploring our beautiful country!

But if not properly planned, your family road trip can become quite a stressful experience!

We’ve put together some tips to help prepare for your upcoming road trip.

Prepare the car - Service your car! If its not due for a service, have it inspected to ensure that everything is in proper working order and that fluid levels, brake pads, batteries, air conditioning system and tyres are checked to avoid any potential break-downs along the way.

Check your jack to ensure that everything is there and in good working order if you need to change a tyre unexpectedly. Pack some basic tools in the car in case of emergencies and don’t forget to check your spare tyre!

There is nothing worse than having your tools and cutlery scattered everywhere, or in very noisy, vehicle interior damaging, rattling boxes and tubs.

MSA 4X4 have designed a Tool Roll that is tough enough to last and soft enough not to damage your vehicle! Features heavy duty double layered 12oz canvas, separate top flap and elastics to keep everything in place, 18 pockets of various sizes and heavy moulded rubber carry handle. The MSA 4X4 Tool Roll measures 122cm L x 420cm H when open and allows for easy and safe storage anywhere!

Pack an Emergency Kit which includes plenty of bottles of drinking water, non-perishable food, oral rehydration salts, blankets, torches (and batteries), first aid kit, jumper cable & battery phone charger. A small fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket wouldn’t go amiss here either.

Plan the trip – Map out your route and identify any planned pit stops. (If you’re going to use a GPS to navigate, it does pay to have a back-up physical map in the vehicle, just in case!)

Try and drive outside of peak hours as much as possible to avoid traffic and other delays. Unfortunately, no matter how much you plan, at some stage you will hit traffic, or a road closure, or an incident that will delay you, and patience will be a virtue here!

Toddlers & younger kids will struggle to sit still for more than a couple of hours in any one stretch, so planning something fun every few hours will help make the car trip more enjoyable.

A stop at a roadside attraction, such as one of “Australia’s Big Things” (ie Big Banana, Big Bench, Big Golden Guitar, Big Merino, Big Golden Gumboot etc), can provide much needed leg-stretching and break up a drive without costing too much time. At last count, Australia was home to 150 giant roadside attractions which are often found along major roads between destinations.

If you find a great swimming hole during your road trip, take the time to enjoy it without worrying about where you’ll need to store the wet swimsuits & towels afterwards.

Wet items can be securely stored outside of the vehicle in MSA 4X4’s 55ltr Rear Wheel Bag! Perfect for trips where you don’t want muddy or wet gear inside your vehicle. Its unique “Anti-Drop” harness system keeps your gear and bag from drooping behind the vehicle; extra zippered and reinforced pockets on each side offer more storage and its drainage hole releases any fluid. The Rear Wheel Bag can also be padlocked on to the well with a lock strap for added security!


Pack Smart – Check your vehicle’s GVM to ensure that you aren’t putting too much weight in the vehicle.

Roof top bags and boxes should only be filled with light bulky items such as blankets, pillows, chairs etc. Heavy loads on the roof can make the vehicle harder to handle in an emergency situation.

Manufactured from 15oz canvas, MSA 4X4’s Tourer and Basket Packs represent the ultimate in rooftop storage! Store your bulky items on your roof rack, safe, dry and dust free inside an MSA 4X4 Tourer Pack or Basket Bag. It will free up much needed space in the vehicle to make your travels that much more comfortable and safe - no more jamming the pillows & blankets in around the kids!

Do not stack items unrestrained in the vehicle as they become potentially lethal projectiles in the event of an accident, or if you have to brake suddenly.

Pack everything for quick, easy access on the road so that you don’t have to pull over to dig around the boot or in overflowing bags! Basic supplies such as sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a packet of Band Aids and pillows are best kept in the car’s cabin. Antibacterial Wipes & Hand Sanitiser will help prevent everyone from catching common bugs whilst on holiday! Wet wipes are useful for washing hands, wiping down tables and cleaning toilet seats! It can really help to keep the items that you and the kids need for the trip within easy reach.

Keep all your accessories close at hand and easily accessible with an MSA 4X4 Seat Organiser. Offering 12 individual pockets for endless storage possibilities including 3 larger pockets for street directories, maps, magazines, iPads and colouring books. Designed to be easily attached and removed in seconds. Manufactured from heavy duty 12oz canvas, with an aluminium internal frame that prevents sagging even when full. The injection moulded fold away table Seat Organiser even has a cup recess, making it perfect for travel breaks!

The MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser is another fantastic, innovative original that keeps everything you use, when sitting in the driver or passenger seat, close at hand and easy to access, right in front of you! The Organiser will mould to any dash shape and you can even install it vertically on the transmission hump.

Tips to avoid the “Are we there yet”, “I’m bored”, I’m hungry”!

Snacks – Lots and lots of snacks, not just for the trip, but in case you are stuck on the road for longer than expected! Purchase and pack in advance as it works out cheaper than purchasing food at rest stops and keeps the kids entertained! Minimise the spillages by filling mini Tupperware containers with small quantities of treats. They can be filled with sultanas, tiny-teddies, grapes, chopped strawberries, melon etc to provide a variety of treats to nibble on and pass the time, whilst reducing the chance of snacks being squished into every nook, cranny and surface of the vehicle!

Protect your car seats with a set of MSA 4X4 Canvas Seat Covers. Years of design, development and manufacturing knowledge goes into every MSA 4X4 Canvas Seat Cover to ensure that it not only works in perfect harmony with your vehicle’s safety features, protecting you and your family, but that it also looks good inside your vehicle! However, the challenge goes further than just looks; MSA 4X4 created a canvas seat cover that is durable enough to withstand the day to day rigours of life’s adventures, but not too stiff that its uncomfortable for the occupant. 

Spill proof drinks – reduce the risk of dehydration by encouraging your kids to drink plenty of fluids.

Activities - Age-specific books (or a Kindle for older kids), hand-held computer games, colouring & sticker books, pack of coloured pencils or textas, word searches, a simple jigsaw puzzle, a notebook, and lots and lots of toys. If your kids get car sick, then a selection of audio books can be a great option. Let each child have their own bag of toys and games to play with, to reduce fights over sharing! Offer the toys one at a time, as the child starts to show signs of boredom with the current one. Swapping toys over once an hour can help alleviate boredom also. Young kids will appreciate their favourite “security toy” for the trip.

Tablets - If you have a tablet that your child can play games on or watch movies on, remember to pack the charging cable and headphones also! There are plenty of apps available that are designed specifically to keep the kids entertained, whilst also being educational.

Old Fashioned Fun – Play family games such as I Spy, 21 Questions, Don’t Say It, The Singing Game, Cows on My Side, The Movie Game etc

In case of emergencies – A change of clothes, disposable nappies, tissues, paper towels, plenty of wet wipes, plastic bucket (with a lid) and plastic bags in case of motion sickness or any other mess. A good first aid kit is a must for any road trip to prepare for the unexpected. Include items such as paracetamol appropriate to your child’s age and weight, thermometer, oral rehydration salts, nappy rash cream and anti-itching lotions.

Safety First – Always, always use appropriate restraints. Seat belts are a non-negotiable for a safe road trip and car seats should be properly installed.

Comfort – Logging the klms can be exhausting for anyone, but its even more painful if your back is hurting through poor support.

MSA 4X4’s Patented Air Lumbar Support System provides adjustable support where and when you need it most! Its quick fit design enables it to be installed and removed in a matter of seconds, allowing for easy transfer between vehicles. Its fully adjustable air inflated bladder insert allows you to position the support to suit you perfectly! You can even install up to 4 internal bladders aimed at multiple support zones.

Getting there is half the fun and we hope our tips will help with planning your next family road trip!

Safety First in 4WD Storage Solutions

We've re-set the benchmark in quality 4WD Drawer Systems from a safety, functionality and quality perspective.

Consumers are becoming more aware of what to look for to ensure that their vehicle occupants are safe in the event of an accident and now have a clear benchmark to compare quality finish and features with.

Safety is something that we take seriously here at MSA 4X4, as items of load (cargo) carried inside the vehicle can weigh 20 – 30 times their own static weight during impact, which is capable of causing severe bodily injuries or even death to vehicle occupants.

Our new Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System has been successfully tested to ADR3/02, ADR34/01 & ADR42 and “passed all the requirements prescribed by the ADRs and AS/NZS, without any structural weaknesses or degradation of the system to the extent that it would affect the safety of the vehicle occupants or other road users.” (A copy of the Crash Test Certificate provided with every drawer sold) They are heavy duty crash tested to 250kg load rating per pair of drawers to enable customers to safely carry a comfortable load. It is the first ever aluminium drawer system to pass crash testing! Crash tested cargo barrier mount points and child restraint points are incorporated into the rear of the drawer frame as standard.

All MSA 4X4’s Seat Cover & Drawer crash testing is done by Grad Zivkovic, MSc,BSc,MIEA,MSAE - Automotive Engineer, Automotive Safety Engineering.

ASE’s (Automotive Safety Engineering) qualifications, test facilities and practices meet or exceed client’s requirements and legislated Standards. Managing Director and Chief Engineer Grad Zivkovic M.Sc, B.Sc, MIEA, MSAE founded ASE in 1994, and personally leads all projects and testing undertaken by ASE.

Not only did our MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System pass the crash testing, but it passed with flying colours! A second crash test was undertaken to place extreme strain on the components and they passed a second time!

This was a great achievement and supports MSA 4X4’s drive to be above the industry standard with design and quality.

Whilst every detail has been taken into account and engineered specifically to deliver the best and most reliable 4WD Storage Drawer System available in the market, MSA 4X4’s Lifetime Guarantee ensures that all Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System customers have the peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong, that they’d be looked after.

For more information on Automotive Safety Engineering, visit their website:

Download a copy of our Drawer Brochure for more information.

Tips to make the most of the beach this summer!

Summer has arrived early and one of the happiest places to be is relaxing on a beach! Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and most Aussies will have fond memories of childhood holidays at the beach. We’ve compiled a list of things to do and beach essentials to take on your next beach trip!

Slip, slop slap!

Always apply sunscreen before you get to the beach and reapply it regularly.

Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen & Slap on a hat! Watch Sid the Seagull here.

Beat the heat

Drink up! Staying hydrated is important anytime of the year, but especially on hot summer days.

Summer fruits are great to beat the heat and help cool you down! Watermelons are a summer staple across the country for good reason, but why not also include pineapples and other melons to create a mouth-watering tropical vibe, that’s not only refreshing but is also great for you?!

Beach Fun with the kids Ideas

  • Digging in the sand – See how deep of a hole kids can dig!
  • Frisbee or Frisbee golf! Frisbee golf consists of setting targets using beach items such as towels, umbrellas etc or digging holes in the sand to use as targets. Everyone takes turns throwing the Frisbee as close as possible to the target
  • Make Sand Angels! And once you’re all sandy, go for a dip to wash it all off!
  • Build a Sandman! Collect shells, pebbles and sticks for eyes and mouths, and see how creative you can be with seaweed and other beach treasures to personalise your sandman!
  • Sandcastles and sand sculptures – let imaginations run wild and embrace your artistic side!
  • Collect seashells whilst taking a leisurely stroll or brisk walk! Walking on the sand is great exercise for your feet and legs!
  • Pull out the water guns!
  • Play Beach volleyball
  • Start a race and end it in the water!
  • Fly a kite! Even if there’s not enough wind, kids will enjoy running and watching the kites behind them.
  • Learn a new sport like surfing or kite-surfing
  • If it’s a dog-friendly beach, walk the dog on-lead. (Even if it’s an off-lead beach, its recommended to keep your dog on a lead for its own safety!

Ideas for Relaxing on the Beach

  • Lay back, relax and listen to sounds and smells of the ocean!
  • Go for a dip! You’re missing out if you spend your time soaking up the sun and don’t end up going for a dip in the ocean!
  • Catch up on your reading whilst catching the rays! Your favourite book, a naughty novel, crime drama or the latest magazine… just slop on the sunscreen, lay down, relax and start reading!
  • Climb up to a lookout point and enjoy the view from above!
  • Grab a pool float and chill in the sea! (Remember to attach it to something near the shore so that you don’t accidentally float away!)
  • Go fishing off the beach or jetty!
  • End your day on the beach by watching the sunset!
  • Pack a picnic, have a beach BBQ or splurge on fish and chips at a beach-side take away!
  • Have an ice cream or gelato to cool you down!

Beachside activities really are limited only by your imagination...!

Don’t forget:

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach Towels
  • Swimwear
  • Beach Bag – you need somewhere free of sand and water to stash keys, wallets and phones!
  • Travel Cups – Perfect for the beach! Made from tough anodised aluminium, MSA 4X4’s Travel Cups come in 3 colours; pink, blue and green and are supplied with a neat canvas storage bag! Remember how your drinks always tasted better in these cups?!
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Music enhances the experience (Just be mindful of other beach-goers around you who may not appreciate the volume of your tunes!)
  • Pre-packed snack boxes with fruits, biscuits, chips & dip, cold cuts etc
  • Bottles of water & other drinks to keep dehydration at bay
  • Esky or portable fridge to keep your drinks and food cold.

Related product: MSA 4X4 Fridge Drop Slide. The Drop Slide slides out from its stowed position and lowers a full 30cm in one smooth, safe and easy motion, enabling the platform to remain in a perfectly horizontal position the whole time. This allows unrestricted access to your fridge, toolbox and generator at a safe level with ease, before raising the slide in one very light and easy motion back into its stowed position.

  • Beach Chairs & Table
  • Picnic Rug
  • Rear Wheel Bag - Wet items can be securely stored outside of the vehicle in MSA 4X4’s 55ltr Rear Wheel Bag! Perfect for trips where you don’t want muddy or wet gear inside your vehicle. Its unique “Anti-Drop” harness system keeps your gear and bag from drooping behind the vehicle; extra zippered and reinforced pockets on each side offer more storage and its drainage hole releases any fluid. The Rear Wheel Bag can also be padlocked on to the well with a lock strap for added security!