Universal canvas seat covers

 Long lasting and sturdy protection for your 4WD factory seats. Made of 12oz cotton/polyester blend canvas, with polycotton lining throughout and added reinforcements for high-wear areas. Water, mud, dirt, kid and pet proof!

MSA 4X4 Seat Cover Selection

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One size fits all seat covers

Struggling to find seat covers that fit your 4WD seats? Our universal seat covers are suitable for a range of 4WD car makes and models. Fast and easy to install, adjust and remove.

Safety compliance

Badly designed and ill-fitting canvas seat covers can be incredibly dangerous for you and your family. If your seat cover restricts an airbag from deploying as planned, it may result in severe injuries. Our canvas seat covers are comprehensively crash tested to ensure that this doesn’t happen. They’re also certified ADR compliant so you can rest assured our seat covers aren’t putting your safety at risk.

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