Summer has arrived early and one of the happiest places to be is relaxing on a beach! Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and most Aussies will have fond memories of childhood holidays at the beach. We’ve compiled a list of things to do and beach essentials to take on your next beach trip!

Slip, slop slap!

Always apply sunscreen before you get to the beach and reapply it regularly.

Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen & Slap on a hat! Watch Sid the Seagull here.

Beat the heat

Drink up! Staying hydrated is important anytime of the year, but especially on hot summer days.

Summer fruits are great to beat the heat and help cool you down! Watermelons are a summer staple across the country for good reason, but why not also include pineapples and other melons to create a mouth-watering tropical vibe, that’s not only refreshing but is also great for you?!

Beach Fun with the kids Ideas

  • Digging in the sand – See how deep of a hole kids can dig!
  • Frisbee or Frisbee golf! Frisbee golf consists of setting targets using beach items such as towels, umbrellas etc or digging holes in the sand to use as targets. Everyone takes turns throwing the Frisbee as close as possible to the target
  • Make Sand Angels! And once you’re all sandy, go for a dip to wash it all off!
  • Build a Sandman! Collect shells, pebbles and sticks for eyes and mouths, and see how creative you can be with seaweed and other beach treasures to personalise your sandman!
  • Sandcastles and sand sculptures – let imaginations run wild and embrace your artistic side!
  • Collect seashells whilst taking a leisurely stroll or brisk walk! Walking on the sand is great exercise for your feet and legs!
  • Pull out the water guns!
  • Play Beach volleyball
  • Start a race and end it in the water!
  • Fly a kite! Even if there’s not enough wind, kids will enjoy running and watching the kites behind them.
  • Learn a new sport like surfing or kite-surfing
  • If it’s a dog-friendly beach, walk the dog on-lead. (Even if it’s an off-lead beach, its recommended to keep your dog on a lead for its own safety!

Ideas for Relaxing on the Beach

  • Lay back, relax and listen to sounds and smells of the ocean!
  • Go for a dip! You’re missing out if you spend your time soaking up the sun and don’t end up going for a dip in the ocean!
  • Catch up on your reading whilst catching the rays! Your favourite book, a naughty novel, crime drama or the latest magazine… just slop on the sunscreen, lay down, relax and start reading!
  • Climb up to a lookout point and enjoy the view from above!
  • Grab a pool float and chill in the sea! (Remember to attach it to something near the shore so that you don’t accidentally float away!)
  • Go fishing off the beach or jetty!
  • End your day on the beach by watching the sunset!
  • Pack a picnic, have a beach BBQ or splurge on fish and chips at a beach-side take away!
  • Have an ice cream or gelato to cool you down!

Beachside activities really are limited only by your imagination...!

Don’t forget:

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach Towels
  • Swimwear
  • Beach Bag – you need somewhere free of sand and water to stash keys, wallets and phones!
  • Travel Cups – Perfect for the beach! Made from tough anodised aluminium, MSA 4X4’s Travel Cups come in 3 colours; pink, blue and green and are supplied with a neat canvas storage bag! Remember how your drinks always tasted better in these cups?!
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Music enhances the experience (Just be mindful of other beach-goers around you who may not appreciate the volume of your tunes!)
  • Pre-packed snack boxes with fruits, biscuits, chips & dip, cold cuts etc
  • Bottles of water & other drinks to keep dehydration at bay
  • Esky or portable fridge to keep your drinks and food cold.

Related product: MSA 4X4 Fridge Drop Slide. The Drop Slide slides out from its stowed position and lowers a full 30cm in one smooth, safe and easy motion, enabling the platform to remain in a perfectly horizontal position the whole time. This allows unrestricted access to your fridge, toolbox and generator at a safe level with ease, before raising the slide in one very light and easy motion back into its stowed position.

  • Beach Chairs & Table
  • Picnic Rug
  • Rear Wheel Bag - Wet items can be securely stored outside of the vehicle in MSA 4X4’s 55ltr Rear Wheel Bag! Perfect for trips where you don’t want muddy or wet gear inside your vehicle. Its unique “Anti-Drop” harness system keeps your gear and bag from drooping behind the vehicle; extra zippered and reinforced pockets on each side offer more storage and its drainage hole releases any fluid. The Rear Wheel Bag can also be padlocked on to the well with a lock strap for added security!