A place for everything and everything in its place!

Use your roof!
Your vehicle’s roof provides additional storage opportunities for light, bulky items as well as awkward shaped items. MSA 4X4’s Tourer & Basket Packs are a great way to extend the storage capacity of your vehicle and allow you to store your items safely and easily, whilst keeping everything secure from the weather. Ensure that any rooftop storage is tied down securely and safely. Read your vehicle’s manual to confirm how much weight can be carried on your roof.

Rear Wheel Storage
Use Rear Wheel Rubbish Bins for the smelly stuff and Rear Wheel Bags for the wet or dirty gear to be securely stored on the outside of the vehicle!

Pack for easy access
Pack everything for quick, easy access on the road so that you don’t have to pull over to dig around the boot or in overflowing bags! Keep accessories close at hand with an MSA 4X4 Seat Organiser. Designed to be easily attached and removed in seconds and with an aluminium internal frame that prevents sagging, even when full, the seat organiser offers endless storage that can really help to keep the items that you and the kids need for the trip within easy reach.

Place things that you need for the drive, such as wallets, chargers, iPods, mobiles and lip balm in an MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser. It keeps everything you use, when sitting in the driver or passenger seat, close at hand and easy to access, right in front of you!

Replace boxes with bags and canvas organisers
Bags and soft organisers can fit inside small spaces and conform more to the shape of your space than boxes will. Boxes are bulky, take up space and aren’t flexible.

Heavy items
Pack heavy, bulky items low and ensure that they are properly secured so that they are less likely to become lethal projectiles in the event of an accident or sudden braking. Weighty items such as jerry cans and tools should ideally be stored as close to the floor as possible and as close to the rear axle as possible.  Load the large, heavy items into the vehicle first which will make it easier to fit the lighter gear around it.

Secure loose items
Ensure that all items are properly secured as loose items can become projectiles in the event of an accident or sudden braking. Tie down points are available in many vehicles for this reason. Where feasible, consider investing in a cargo barrier.

Rear Storage Solutions
Where feasible, consider installing a rear drawer system into your vehicle. Not only does it make packing your vehicle easier and more efficient, but it also makes it easier to access items in your drawers without having to dig through a massive pile of belongings to get to something you need underneath.

Flush fitting removable wing kits in our MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer Systems are designed to clip or bolt in, allowing access to storage areas beside the drawers! This is great for customers who want to store items such as their second battery or compressor in that available space. If a customer has a Fridge Drop Slide or other item hard mounted onto the wing kit, access under the drawer wings are also possible due to the unique removable front facing wing panels. Floor extensions are included as standard with Dual Cab Ute wing kits which are the wing pieces behind the drawers to create a full flat surface at the back of the tray, preventing items from falling behind the drawers.

Pack in such a way that the driver’s vision isn’t compromised and he/she can see out all windows easily. Visibility will allow the driver to get you to your destination safely!

Don’t overload your vehicle
Understand your vehicle’s GVM. Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum weight that a vehicle can carry including its own weight, and is crucial to the safe and efficient operation of a vehicle.

Items on your roof will increase the height of your vehicle, and more weight high on your vehicle, the higher your vehicle’s centre of gravity. This higher centre of gravity may impact on handling/manouverability of your vehicle.

We hope these tips will go some way towards helping you to maximise space when packing your vehicle for your next trip!