Seat Cover Installation Instructions Rear Seats

All our seat covers are made specifically for each seat, making them all unique. Therefore they will each will have their own specific installation instructions supplied with the seat covers. If you are having trouble fitting your seat covers, please contact us for assistance.

Some rear seats will require that bolts are removed in order to fit seat covers - please check if your vehicle is one of these prior to fitting.


  1. Remove all Head Rests
  2. Undo all Velcro straps on canvas seat cover
  3. If vehicle has an Armrest, please ensure that the armrest is pulled down before fitting cover
  4. The seat cover needs to be installed under any “cross the shoulder” seat belts
  5. Place seat cover over sides of seat and pull down firmly. Feed armrest through the gap in the armrest recess. Push through flap for armrest and loosely attach to joining Velcro until seat cover is on and adjust when finished
  6. Push through excess flap on seat cover between the upper and lower seats. Pull seat backrest forward to make it easier. From the rear of the seat, pull flap through firmly and reattach any Velcro to back or sides
  7. Pull armrest cover over armrest and feed excess flap behind seat hinge, rocking back and forth while pushing through, until Velcro meets
  8. Check you have the right headrest cover for your headrest (some may vary in size). Place cover over headrest and pull down straight adjust as needed.


  1. To fit some seat bases, Seat bolts must be loosened or removed to allow the straps to be fed to back of the seat and under the base, in order to create a more secure fit. Please check if your vehicle is one of these before fitting
  2. Undo any straps or Velcro on seat cover taking note of where they were attached
  3. Place front of base cover over the seat base ensuring cover is centered. Feed through between base and top of seat (including back straps). Pulling seat top forward also helps to get straps through.
  4. Attach left to right side release buckles and pull firmly to tension
  5. Attach front to back side release buckles and pull tightly to tension
  6. Ensure cover is a neat fit all around and then re-install seat and tighten bolts.

Care For Your Cotton Lined Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers are made tough to last and will outlast any fabric many times over if treated correctly. Canvas is not machine washable and use of any soaps, bleaches or detergents on any canvas will remove its waterproofing. These covers will provide a much longer service life if left on the vehicle, lightly brush off loose dirt, wipe down with warm water and sponge then chamois dry.