Seat Cover Installation Instructions Fronts

All our seat covers are made specifically for each seat, making them all unique. Therefore they will each will have their own specific installation instructions supplied with the seat covers. If you are having trouble fitting your seat covers, please contact us for assistance.


  1. Remove Headrest
  2. If there is a “flap” at the rear of the seat, please undo it from under the seat base. It is usually attached by elastic or clips. Be careful of any wiring. Not all vehicles will have this “flap”.
  3. Undo any Velcro tabs on your new Canvas Seat Cover.  Please ensure that you have the Driver’s Backrest on the Driver seat and the Passenger’s Backrest on the Passenger seat. This is particularly relevant for airbag seats.
  4. Slide the seat cover over seat (if your vehicle has a lumbar support lever, please be mindful to pull cover around it)
  5. The flap that was detached in step 2 now needs to be pushed up under the cover before pulling cover down firmly
  6. Place headrest cover on headrest, pulling down straight and reinstall headrest onto the seat
  7. Push large center tab in between top and bottom of seat (reclining seat top back may make this easier to push through) and attach to corresponding Velcro

Once you have installed the seat cover base, attach large flap on back of seat back to the same place that it was taken off from in step 2.


  1. Undo all straps or velcro taking note of where they are joined
  2. Remove any adjuster knobs from the seat and any plastic trimming if possible
  3. Place base of seat cover over base of seat ensuring cover is square on the seat
  4. Push back straps through upper and lower seat join with front straps which feed under the seat base
  5. Do the same to the side to side straps finding easy access to clip together. Clip all straps or Velcro together but only tension when you are happy with fit
  6. Attach large flap on the back of seat cover top back under seat (Refer step 8)
  7. Refit adjuster knobs or plastic trim on seat base.

Care For Your Cotton Lined Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers are made tough to last and will outlast any fabric many times over if treated correctly. Canvas is not machine washable and use of any soaps, bleaches or detergents on any canvas will remove its waterproofing. These covers will provide a much longer service life if left on the vehicle, lightly brush off loose dirt, wipe down with warm water and sponge then chamois dry.