FACT: When your car is burning, your seat covers being “flame retardant” is not a feature


FACT: Great for t-shirts. To have durability and service life, a polyester/cotton blend is required. Strong, waterproof and durable (rub resistant) features require the polyester, and cotton is required for breathability, UV stability, service life and waterproofing without massive shrinking and leaking.


FACT: Great for Wetsuits and Stubbie Holders. Does not breathe and will trap moisture under the cover, leading to mould. Any form of repeated contact with neoprene will wear through. Neoprene is a form of elastic, and when elastic remains under constant tension, it will stretch and become loose fitting.


FACT: Great for jeans. Soft, not waterproof, fades, leaks dye when wet and wears away in areas of high friction.


FACT: “Airbag Friendly” or “Airbag Compatible” does not mean that they have been legally crash tested and in the event of an accident, may not obtain that the vehicle is still ADR compliant. If in doubt, request a copy of a crash test certificate to be provided. FACT: MSA 4X4 Seat Covers are certified ADR compliant.


FACT: Water resistant is not waterproof. When a wet person or pet is sitting directly on a seat cover, a non-waterproof seat cover will allow water to penetrate to the seat, leading to mould.

FACT: MSA 4X4 Seat Covers are 100% waterproof.


FACT: In the event of a claim, the ADR Crash Test Certifiers will not accept any further liability simply because of barcode labels in the seats.

FACT: MSA 4X4 Seat Covers are Certified ADR compliant.


FACT: MSA 4X4 Seat Covers are an identical copy of the seat – not just tailored! With attaching straps, side release buckles and Velcro, MSA 4X4 Seat Covers will not move or crease like others.

Not all Seat Covers are Created Equal

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Vehicles of today are more technologically advanced than ever before, which means that even the humble seat cover must be designed to work in perfect harmony with your vehicle. Just because a seat cover fits doesn’t mean it fits.

When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time – to one thousandth of a second accuracy. If anything obstructs an airbag from deploying as intended, such as a seat cover, it may well result in serious injury to you or your family, as well as insurance concerns.

MSA 4X4 Accessories don’t just make seat covers, we engineer them. All MSA 4X4 seat covers are ADR Crash Test Certified, which ensures that the factory airbags deploy as the manufacturer intended them to. To one thousandth of a second. This testing ensures that the safety of the vehicle’s occupants is not compromised and the vehicle still maintains compliance to the ADR.

Years of design, development and manufacturing knowledge goes into every MSA 4X4 Canvas Seat Cover to ensure that they not only work in perfect harmony with your vehicle’s safety features, protecting you and your family, but that the appearance is cohesive with your vehicle’s interior design. Essentially redefining what Seat Covers should be. Designed to enhance the appearance of your vehicle’s interior, the challenge goes further than just looks; MSA 4X4 created a canvas seat cover that is durable enough to withstand the day to day rigours of life’s adventures, but not too stiff that its uncomfortable for the occupant.

The polyester/cotton blend canvas used provides strength, durability and toughness. The double layer of canvas on the outsides where the higher wear occurs, blends in seamlessly with a single layer in the middle for comfort. All MSA 4X4 canvas is impregnated with Dupont Teflon Repel during the manufacturing process to provide an extra protection barrier whilst still remaining breathable.

MSA 4X4 Accessories currently have two seat cover brands available; MSA 4X4 double layered heavy 12 ounce canvas, and Tradie Gear double layered heavy 14 ounce canvas.

All our seat covers are 100% waterproof, 100% dirt proof, 100% mud proof, 100% Kid proof and 100% Pet proof. We stand by our products wholeheartedly and even offer a lifetime warranty on all MSA 4X4 Accessories products.

Seat Covers are designed to protect your seats and help with the potential resale value of your vehicle, even after hundreds of muddy weekends on dirt bikes or weekends at the beach. MSA 4X4 Accessories’ poly/cotton lined canvas creates a barrier between the seat cover canvas and soft seat fabric, therefore protecting the soft factory seats against damage.

Shane Miles, MSA 4X4 Accessories’ Director proudly stated “It’s our design integrity that sets us apart. Through our ongoing R&D, we provide our customers with tried and tested products. Quality is at the heart of everything we do; our reputation is built on it and that’s something that’s too important to tarnish with inferior products. We prove it with every MSA 4X4 Accessories product carrying our comprehensive lifetime warranty to provide peace of mind for our customers. “

Choose MSA 4X4 Accessories products if you’re serious about your family’s safety and want total peace of mind.