Logging the klms can be exhausting for anyone, but its even more painful if your back is hurting through poor support. A lumbar support helps to promote good posture by filling the space between the lumbar spine and your car seat, thereby supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

MSA 4X4’s Patented Air Lumbar Support System provides adjustable support where and when you need it most! Its quick fit design enables it to be installed and removed in a matter of seconds, allowing for easy transfer between vehicles. Its fully adjustable air inflated bladder insert allows you to position the support to suit you perfectly! You can even install up to 4 internal bladders aimed at multiple support zones.

In addition to the additional back support whilst sitting, take breaks where possible to allow you to stretch and walk around a bit. Whilst an MSA 4X4 Adjustable Lumbar Support won’t cure any underlying conditions, its simple design is inexpensive and can provide short-term relief during car rides.

The MSA 4X4 Air Lumbar Support Systems come with a Lifetime Guarantee for peace of mind and are available from all good 4x4 outlets. At RRP $109 for the canvas and $129 for the genuine sheepskin design, the MSA 4X4 Air Lumbar Support System quickly pays for itself.

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