Tourer & Basket Packs

  • Tourer Packs

    Tourer Packs

    $278.00$398.00 AUD (excludes freight)

    Available for pre-order!

    MSA 4X4’s Tourer Packs are the perfect way to increase storage possibilities during travel while freeing up space inside your vehicle!

    Part Number & Specifications:
    TP0.9 XSmall Dimensions (cm) 90L x 120W x 30H
    TP1.2 Small Dimensions (cm) 120L x 120W x 30H
    TP1.5 Medium Dimensions (cm) 150L x 120W x 30H
    TP1.8 Large Dimensions (cm) 180L x 120W x 30H
    TP2.1 XLarge Dimensions (cm) 210L x 120W x 30H

  • Basket Packs

    Basket Pack

    $268.00$338.00 AUD (excludes freight)

    Product Number & Specifications:
    BP0.9 Extra Small Dimensions (cm) 90L x 90W x 30H
    BP1.2 Small Dimensions (cm) 120L x 90W x 30H
    BP1.5 Medium Dimensions (cm) 150L x 90W x 30H
    BP1.8 Large Dimensions (cm) 180L x 90W x 30H

  • Half Pack

    $278.00 AUD (excludes freight)

    In stock

    HP1.4 Half Pack Dimensions (cm) 140L x 50W x 30H

    MSA 4X4’s Half Packs are a great way to extend the storage capacity of your vehicle and allow you to store your items safely and easily, whilst keeping everything secure from the weather.

    Manufactured from heavy duty 15oz canvas, the Half Pack allows you to pack those light, bulkier items such as blankets and chairs etc, without having to cram it all around the kids in the back seat!