Fridge Barriers - Drop Slides

Sick and tired of moving all your gear each time you want to get to your fridge? Our fridge barriers separate your fridge from the loose gear in your vehicle, making it easier to access and protecting it from scratches and dents.

MSA 4X4 Fridge barriers offer protection, durability and functionality
Our fridge barriers offer an added layer of protection for your fridge. Made of gloss black powder coated steel frames, with practical side pockets to store bits and pieces such as utensils, bottle openers and more. They are super easy to install and come with our MSA 4X4 lifetime guarantee.
Fridge barriers to fit every mode of our MSA 4×4 drop down fridge slide .
Our range of fridge barriers are designed to be used alongside our MSA 4X4 drop down fridge slides. You’ll find a fridge barrier to fit each model of drop fridge slide, including the DS40 DS45, DS50, DS60 and DS95. Once you’ve selected the correct barrier, it should fit snugly around your fridge offering maximum protection whilst taking up little to no space in your vehicle.

Browse our range of fridge barriers to find the perfect fit!