MSA 4X4 are committed to the safety of our customers. From our rigorous crash testing to our ADR compliancy, we are confident in the knowledge that our products are as safe as they can be.

With the introduction of our new MSA 4X4 Towing Mirrors, we've taken the next step and have partnered with Driver Training Course Providers to help properly equip our customers with the knowledge and skills to safely tow their caravans / camper trailers / boats and trailers!

MSA 4X4 Cape YorkIncluded with every MSA 4X4 Towing Mirror is a mirror hanger, which includes our special offer of 10% off driver training courses from participating providers. Visit for more information!

“This is a great initiative to provide even more incentive for people to consider driver training courses to gain critical knowledge and experience for when towing. Whilst the courses will help with towing-specific information, additional topics we cover include “Outback Rules of the Road”, and basic road-sharing tips which all contribute to helping to improve the safety and experience of all road users.” States Dave "Dingo" Darmody, Founder, Director and Principal Instructor at The Australian Offroad Academy.

Vic Widman from long established 4wd training organisation Great Divide Tours applauded MSA’s approach to assist people with driver training. “Being part of this initiative was a no brainer , more and more people are getting into the 4wd travel field, especially as our population grows older and as our young families realise there are huge benefits to doing the Big Lap with the family. But driving a four wheel drive and towing an off road trailer or van, does require a whole new set of driving skills. With over 30 years of training and tagalong tour experience under our belt and what many consider the best 4wd training centre in Australia, Great Divide Tours is more than happy to be part of this fantastic initiative”.

“This initiative ties in perfectly with who we are here at MSA 4X4.” Explains Shane Miles, MSA 4X4’s Director. “Safety is at the forefront of what we do. If I wouldn’t install a product into my vehicle with my family in it, then I don’t expect our customers to either. MSA 4X4 Customers invest in quality products for their vehicles and when it comes to towing, we believe that an investment in the skills to safely tow is priceless for all road users and our families.  If this initiative saves one accident, then it’s been worthwhile”

We are working hard to be able to offer participating driver training courses right around Australia, so if you are a provider, or can recommend a provider who may be interested in joining in this initiative, please contact MSA 4X4 via or email [email protected]