Paratus Canvas Seat Covers

High-quality canvas seat covers made to fit a range of Paratus 4wd models. Our range of MSA 4x4 designed seat covers offers a tough barrier between your factory seats and the wear and tear of daily life. 

The best canvas seat covers for your Paratus 4wd

Designed to fit Paratus Paraswift, Pararally, Parasport and Paratour models. Made with hard-wearing cotton and polyester blend, Teflon impregnated canvas. Suitable for daily use and off-road adventures.

MSA 4X4 Seat Cover Selection

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Fully crash tested and ADR compliant canvas seat covers

Ill-fitting canvas seat covers can be incredibly dangerous if they restrict your airbags from deploying as intended in the event of an accident. That’s why we make sure to fully crash test our seat covers before they go to market. Our seat covers are certified ADR compliant and are some of the safest you’ll find!

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