Instagram Photo Challenge



  1. “A Remote Place” challenge – the image must contain an MSA 4x4 Product clearly visible.
  2. “Most Unique Use” challenge – the photo must show the most interesting and out of the box use of any product we manufacture.
  3. “The Artistic” - This is free to interpretation, so find interesting places to take photos, make it artistic and have fun with it. This image must also show MSA 4x4 product too.


  • All entry images must be tagged with #msa4x4gearforlife and select their category by using #msa4x4one, #msa4x4two or #msa4x4three to be eligible.
  • This competition is being run by MSA 4x4 Accessories and opens 20th February and closes on the 28th March at 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time for Challenge 1. Challenge 2 will open May 1st and Close June 30th at 4pm Au EST.  Challenge 3 will open July 2nd and close Sept 3rd at 4pm Au EST. Winners will be announced 3rd May 2019, 6th July and 10th September for each of the challenge.
  • You must be 14 years and over to enter, and resident of Australia. All entries will be evaluated and checked by our Marketing Department to ensure they meet the criteria.
  • The photos can be current or past as long as they meet the rules for any challenge.
  • The selected winner in Challenge 1 will be chosen by our Marketing Department
  • The selected winner in Challenge 2 will be chosen by our Development Team
  • The selected winner in Challenge 3 will be selected by the most likes, so tag everything but don’t forget the criteria ones.
  • The prizes will be posted to the winners after the announcement date. All judgements are final.
  • The prize for each category is a Tool & Cutlery Roll, 2x MSA 4x4 Caps, 3x MSA stubbie coolers with bottle opener and a set of tinnie tubes.
  • The gifts may not be exchanged for Cash
  • No MSA 4x4 Employee’s may enter this challenge
  • MSA 4x4 Accessories would like to repost entries at a later date and reserves the right to do so.

Gist of the Competition Categories:

Challenge 1

“Remote Place” is looking for images containing MSA 4x4 Accessories product in the most remote place you can find.  An image can be deceiving so remote could be around the corner where the eye can not see anyone around or on a remote beach, deep in the outback, alone at your favoured campsite.  Have fun with it but remember to include something in the image as shown in the image.


Challenge 2

“Most Unique Use” is looking for images of the ways you uniquely use our products in your camping, 4wding and lifestyle setup. We are also interested to see if you use the product range to assist you with thing we never thought of while designing the range.

Challenge 3

“The Artistic” is looking for the images that show the product and give you a story, feeling, emotion.  This one will be on the most likes, so people need to react to your image. Please have fun with this as we have shown in the two images, that our product is there but not the focus. As long as we can make out the brand or product the image will be eligible.


Winners Prize Valued at $200 will include:

One MSA 4x4 Accessories Tool & Cutlery Roll (UR), Two MSA 4x4 branded Caps, Three MSA 4x4 Branded stubbie holders with bottle opener and a Set of Tinnie Tubes (TTS – 12 inside).