Fridge DropSlide FAQs

Below are some common fixes for any rattles that may develop in our Fridge Drop Slides:

  • Excess play in fridge tray.  To check and adjust, make sure the Drop Slide / Side Drop Slide is in the stowed and locked position.  Grabbing the front of the Fridge tray, pull the tray forwards and backwards.  If there is any movement or "Clicking", then unlock the fridge tray and slide forward enough to gain access to the rear of the slide runners.  Looking at the back end of each of the slide runners you will notice a small black moulded rubber bump that, when the runner is closed, goes up against a metal tab bent at right angles.  Using a shifting spanner, slightly bend this tab forward.  You must also do the same adjustment to the other runner as well.   You will know if you have adjusted these tabs too far as the locking tongue will hit on the base frame and not engage
  • Arms that lower the fridge tray down.  There are four arms that lower the tray, the two at the rear are the longest and when the fridge tray is raised and stowed away these long arms should sit directly above the short arms below.  In some cases these long arms will sit towards the outer frame.  To adjust, remove the handle and the fridge if you have it installed, and bring the fridge tray out far enough so that the rear of the tray is still sitting on the front roller bearings on the base frame but the front of the tray has dropped slightly.  Now just slightly bend the long arms whichever way they need adjusting by pulling them and then letting them spring back and repeat until they line up above each other.  Refit handle (may need adjusting as well as the arms may have spread).
  • There will be some RED Nolathane rubber blocks underneath the mounts where the gas struts are bolted towards the rear of the Dropslide (Also one either side of the front of the fridge tray if your Dropslide is fairly recent).  If these are missing I can send you new ones which just glue on using Araldite Adhesive.  If they are still there then look underneath the fridge tray when it is in the stowed position and make sure the fridge tray is sitting down on the roller bearings on the base frame.  If there is a gap then I can send you some extra ones which you can cut to size and glue onto the existing RED Nolathane blocks to push the fridge tray down onto those roller bearing.

If you’ve tried the above and are still experiencing rattles, please give our team a call on 07 5594 6664 and we will look after you.