MSA 4X4’s patented towing mirrors are a must-have for caravaners as they provide full vision for the length of the caravan or trailer being towed behind your vehicle. If your standard mirrors can’t provide that unobstructed view past the caravan or trailer, our towing mirrors allow you to see the road and traffic behind, and to the side of your vehicle.

When we set about to develop our MSA 4X4 towing mirrors, our mission was to create a towing mirror design that offers enhanced vision, doesn’t vibrate, and can withstand all that Australian roads and tracks can throw at it, whilst being unobtrusive for everyday driving!

“The key was to design a mirror that, when not towing, was not disproportionate to the styling of the vehicle, and matched the size of the vehicle. Our new MSA 4X4 towing mirrors feature a clever, aerodynamic design with a large single mirror pivoted on a sturdy extension slide, that provides excellent towing vision with very little vibration.” – Shane Miles, Director of MSA 4X4.

Features include:

  • Offers four different mirror positions for any situations
  1. Un-extended (non-towing) horizontal position
  2. Un-extended (non-towing) vertical position
  3. Extended (towing) horizontal position
  4. Extended (towing) vertical position


  • Extends field of vision for towing/reversing or launching your boat at boat ramps
  • When rotating the mirror into the horizontal position, the mirror’s actuator automatically adapts, allowing you to retain the standard adjustments (up, down, side to side) from your vehicle’s standard mirror adjustor
  • Can be adjusted to suit the viewing angles and preferences of any driver. Vertical and horizontal adjustment caters to drivers of differing height and seated positions.
  • Simple to fit. MSA 4X4’s towing mirrors mount onto your vehicle door in the same position as your existing mirrors.
  • Large, single mirror allows you to see your caravan/trailer sides, without being confusing for everyday driving.
  • Slightly curved glass for even more vision, but not too curved that its distracting.
  • Extension is perfect for enhanced visibility for towing, but its unique design allows the mirror to be returned to its normal “non-towing” position to avoid the extended mirrors permanently protruding off the sides of the vehicle.
  • Unique pivot design allows the mirrors to maintain normal everyday position dimensions, whilst allowing for easy further extension.
  • Designed to fold inwards or outwards when bumped into carparks or when in contact with trees and other obstacles around the vehicle.
  • Market leading 5-year warranty.
  • Injection moulded and die cast aluminium components deliver a high-quality towing mirror to withstand Australian conditions!
  • Designed for towing caravans, camper trailers, trailers, boats and horse floats.
  • Available to suite a wide range of tray backs and towing vehicles including popular models from brands such as Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Holden, Isuzu and Volkswagen. Click here to find the right fit for your car.

Try MSA 4X4’s towing mirrors for yourself. Buy them online now!

The concept of the mirror is the subject of pending patent applications in Australia and overseas, including Australian patent application No. 2017268622 and international patent application No.  PCT/AU2017/051320, as well as a granted Chinese utility model No. 20172162844.

The shape of the mirror is also covered by Australian design registration No. 201614622 and pending Chinese design application No. 201830077185.5.