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From Michelle’s Sacs Australia to MSA 4X4 Accessories.
In 1999, with a plan to travel the country, Shane Miles identified the need for quality canvas accessories bags. This aptitude for innovative ideas led to the birth of “Michelle’s Sacs Australia” in Western Australia in 2000.

Fast forward 15 years and MSA 4X4 Accessories is renowned for creating some of the 4WD Industry’s most innovative products. Whilst the company has remained true its roots with quality canvas storage bags, they now form only a small part of the complete range offering of MSA 4X4 Accessories. Today, MSA 4X4 Accessories is the 4WD market leader in quality Canvas products which include Certified ADR Compliant Canvas Seat Covers, Rear Wheel Bags, Rear Wheel Rubbish Bins, Vehicle Organisers and more. We pride ourselves on our innovative products which include the world first, revolutionary Fridge DropSlide, the new patented Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System which delivers a whole new level of access to the drawer contents, the original Water Bra, fully adjustable air lumbar support systems, and an extensive range of 4x4 accessories that have stood the test of time.

Miles ahead of the rest.
Shane Miles’ passion is in the detail of his products. Everything is carefully thought out for maximum practicality, quality and ease of use. “The way I think about my products is simple,’ explains Shane. “I think about my father and how hard he’s worked to pay for his vehicle, and how he buys products to go on a holiday. While he’s on a holiday, if those products break or fail to deliver, and that ruins his holiday, it kills me. That is why we strive to develop the best quality products and provide the best service for our customers. We over-engineer everything as I pretend that every customer is my father.”

The original Water Bra was a ground-breaking new product that Shane first brought to the market in 2003. “I didn’t know about the patent process when I developed the Water Bra and as a result, a lot of copies were made,’ he explained. The Rear Wheel bag was invented soon after along with another 13 original designs. Whilst many of the early original designs were unprotected from copies, MSA 4X4 Accessories has since been awarded 19 patents with more currently within the patent process.
This passion for inventing new products that make customers’ lives better has delivered a successful business, and MSA 4X4 Accessories continues to grow from strength to strength.